College and Career Project 2010 Rubric

"One secret of success in life is for a person to be ready for an opportunity when it comes." - Benjamin Disraeli

Careers Project

College Career Project

Agenda for the Week Tuesday - Friday April 27 through 30

For a schedule for TAKS week (it varies by grade level):  Click this link

Mr. Duez will see 1st period on Tuesday.
On Tuesday and on Friday he'll see 5th period.
6th period will meet on Thursday.

Agenda Items:
1.  Discuss the Last Project of the Year - The College and Career Project
2.  We will continue the 3 Ball Toss.
3.  Video on World War II and other inspirational topics.
4.  We may also mix in Philosophical Chairs discussion.

Agenda: Monday, April 26, 2010

Quote of the Day:  "Science has made us Gods even before we are worthy of being human beings." - Jean Rostand

Learning Targets:
*  Understand TAKS expectations
*  Know how to prepare for the Social Studies TAKS test on Friday
*  Use poetry to learn vocabulary for World War II

1.  TAKS Review Sheet
2.  Play TAKS Double Jeopardy - Lightning Round Version
3.  "I AM Poem" - Pass out to students.  Have them work on a version of the poem for someone they know well.  The assignment is to create one from the vocab list and it's due on Tuesday, May 11th
4.  3 Ball Toss (More on this later.  It is a team building and problem solving exercise.)

TAKS Review Packet

Grade 10 Taks Ss Review

TAKS Review - School House Rocks

No More Kings:

Links to others:
Shot Heard Round the World
Elbow Room
Sufferin till Sufferage
How a Bill Becomes a Law
Mother Necessity
Three Ringed Circus

The "I Am" Poem

Students will be given this handout on Monday to help them design their poem.  They need to choose a vocabulary word (person, place or thing) from Chapters 24 and 26 and write their poem.

We will perform them in class.  This will help prep for vocabulary for World War II.
The I Am Poem

World Malaria Day

It is World Malaria Day.
Check out what Nothing But Nets is doing to end malaria.
Malaria kills every 30 secs.

TAKS Tips and Tricks

The TAKS Test for Social Studies is coming on Friday, April 30th.

To download some help, click here:
TAKS Tips, Tricks, and Tools

For inspiration about just how excited the TAKS test makes people, check out this cools song:  Not On The  :)

Agenda: Friday, April 23, 2010

Quote of the Day:  "A dog is not considered a good dog because he is a good barker.  A man is not considered a good man because he is a good talker."  - Buddha

Learning Targets:
* Understand TAKS Expectations
* Know how to prep for TAKS - the SS test is next Friday.

1.  New Seats
2.  TAKS Warmup
3.  Review first 10 ?s of 2008 TAKS Released Test Items.
4.  Watch "School House Rocks" video that profiles the Revolutionary War.  (Taks review)

Chapter 24 and 26 Targets - World War II

Chapter 24 and 26 Targets WWII

Agenda: Wed & Thu April 21 and 22, 2010

Quote of the Day:  "The repetition of a lie does not make it the truth."  - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

1.  Review Chapter 23
2.  Turn in DBQ - Harry's War Letters
3.  Take Chapter 23 Test

If time preview WWII and TAKS

On Friday - TAKS review and target sheets for Chapter 24 and 26

Background information - Harry Lamin

MSNBC Video:

Harry's Song Written by Bill Lamin:

What happens to Harry Lamin?  Find out here

Notes - Chapter 23 - Part III "The War to End All Wars"

Chapter 23 World War One Part III

Agenda: Tuesday, April 19, 2010

Quote of the Day:  "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned." - Buddha

Learning Targets:
* What provokes the US into WWI?
* How does the war end?
* What is the Treaty of Versailles?

1.  Notes - End of the War - US Enters, Zimmerman Telegraph, Russian Revolution (15 minutes)
2.  Socratic Seminar - You have annotated the text - "Harry's War" for today.  You have come up with some questions.  Now you'll refer to the text and have a discussion about it.  Keep in mind the central question for the DBQ - due next time:  "What was the nature of life in the trenches?  Compare and contrast the letters that Harry Lamin wrote to support your thesis."

We will also see this video at the very beginning of class as students walk in:

In a foreign field he lay
lonely soldier unknown grave
on his dying words he prays
tell the world of Paschendale

Relive all that he's been through
last communion of his soul
rust your bullets with his tears
let me tell you 'bout his years

Laying low in a blood filled trench
killing time 'til my very own death
on my face I can feel the falling rain
never see my friends again
in the smoke in the mud and lead
the smell of fear and the feeling of dread
soon be time to go over the wall
rapid fire and the end of us all

Whistles, shouts and more gun-fire
lifeless bodies hang on barbed wire
battlefield nothing but a bloody tomb
be reunited with my dead friends soon
many soldiers eighteen years
drowned in mud, no more tears
surely a war no one can win
killing time about to begin

Home, far away. From the war, a chance to live again
Home, far away. But the war, no chance to live again

The bodies of ours and our foes
the sea of death it overflows
in no-man's land God only knows
into jaws of death we go...

Crucified as if on a cross
allied troops, they mourn their loss
German war propaganda machine
such before has never been seen
swear I heard the angels cry
pray to God no more may die
so that people know the truth
tell the tale of Paschendale

Cruelty has a human heart
every man does play his part
terror of the men we kill
the human heart is hungry still

I stand my ground for the very last time
gun is ready as I stand in line
nervous wait for the whistle to blow
rush of blood and over we go...

Blood is falling like the rain
its crimson cloak unveils again
the sound of guns can't hide their shame
and so we die in Paschendale

Dodging shrapnel and barbed wire
running straight at canon fire
running blind as I hold my breath
say a prayer symphony of death
as we charge the enemy lines
a burst of fire and we go down
I choke I cry but no one hears
feel the blood go down my throat

Home, far away. From the war, a chance to live again
Home, far away. But the war, no chance to live again
Home, far away. From the war, a chance to live again
Home, far away. But the war, no chance to live again

See my spirit on the wind
across the lines beyond the hill
friend and foe will meet again
those who died at Paschendale

Agenda: Monday, April 18, 2010

Quote of the Day:  "The war has ruined us for everything." Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front

Learning Targets:
* Understand the DBQ Question for Wednesday.
* Compare and Contrast the two fronts of WWI - East and West.
* How and why does the Russian Revolution begin?

1.  Watch pictures from last Monday's Trench Warfare in class.
2.  Pass back rubrics for World Leader Project
3.  Collect Homework
4.  Pass out DBQ Question - due Wed/Thur in class - test grade.
5.  Notes on Chapter 23 - World War I

We will do a short Socratic Seminar tomorrow in class over the DBQ handout.  Harry Lamin's "Letter's From the Trenches."  Read it and annotate the text.  Underline important points.  Circle things you don't understand.  Write at least one question for the socratic group to address.


Arizona plane

What else would a plane look like in arizona?  :)  on my way home.  Can't wait.

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A great day - AVID Staff Developer Training - San Diego

I have been looking forward to this day for over 3 years.  Today I officially became a national AVID Staff Developer.  Now I can give back to teachers just like I was supported these past few years.
Very excited about this whole new world of opportunity and I can't thank everyone enough.
My students, parents, principals, colleagues, and district have always believed in me.  But mostly the thanks goes to my best friend and most supportive force in my life - my beautiful wife.  Thank you honey.  Can't wait to see you and Aidan.

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Agenda for Tuesday through Friday April 13- April 17, 2010

Quote of the Week:  "Be on your BEST BEHAVIOR for the substitute... unless you would like to see WWIII when I return."  :)  Mr. Duez

Mr. Duez will be out on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

1.  Quiz for Chapter 23
2.  You will watch "BBC - The First World War - Under the Eagle" in class.  Students will take notes and write a summary at the end.  Here is a sample:

Link to part 2
Link to part 3
Link to part 4
1.  Students will take the 2008 TAKS Released Items Test in class.  It is 25 questions.  This will help us gauge where there are and what we will need to review before the test at the end of April.
2.  Students will finish "Under the Eagle" video from last class.
1.  Students will use the handout "Harry's War" to answer a list of questions quietly in class.  They may discuss the answers with the sub.  (15-20 minutes)
2.  After they will watch a video called:  "The Somme" students will take notes and write a summary (a preview is below):

On Monday Mr. Duez will pass out the DBQ.  It is due on Wed/Thu on the day of the test for WWI.


Today was our WWI simulation.  This is a pic of a few extra pieces of ammo.  What did yoi think about it?
Post a comment here for extra credit.

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Agenda: Monday, April 12, 2010

Quote of the Day:  "It is a rum job waiting for the time to come to go over the top without any rum too."  - Harry Lamin, from Messines Ridge, June 11, 1917.  Quote from "Letters from the Trenches:  A Soldier in the Great War" by Bill Lamin, Harry's grandson.

Learning Targets:
* How does the "Illusion" turn to "Stalemate"?
* What was the nature of war in the trenches?
* How did the war differ on the Eastern and Western Front?

1.  Collect Homework
2.  Pass out CH. 23 PreQuiz - helpful for studying for tomorrow's quiz
3.  Finish any extra projects to present (15 min)
4.  Trench Warfare Notes and then:
"Our Trench Simulation"
and pass out "Letters from the Trenches" - Harry's War
The packet will be your DBQ material.  I will give you the DBQ question and listing of the documents on Monday when I return next week from San Diego.  It will be due on the day of the test (Wed/Thu).

World leader project

Super work

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World Leader Projects

Great creativity!  It's Lady Diana's MySpace page that shows her characterstics of leadership.

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World leader projects

A wonderful and creative product that displays the characteristics of Robin Hood's leadership.

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Agenda: Friday, April 9th, 2010

Quote of the Day:  "You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war." - Albert Einstein

* How does the "Illusion" turn to "Stalemate" ?
* What was the nature of war in the trenches?
* How did the Eastern and Western fronts differ?

1.  Students will take notes and discuss Trench Warfare in World War I.  (15 min)
Students will work on their practice quiz for WWI vocab
2.  Remainder of the period will be presenting World Leader projects.

Homework is due on Monday
Quiz is on Tuesday

Notes Chapter 23 Part II World War I - Life in the Trenches

Chapter 23 World War I Part II

Agenda: Wed. and Thu. April 7th and 8th

Quote of the Day:  "We were eighteen and had begun to love life and the world; and we had to shoot it to pieces. The first bomb, the first explosion, burst in our hearts. We are cut off from activity, from striving, from progress. We believe in such things no longer, we believe in the war." 
- Erich Maria Remarque, All Quiet On The Western Front, Ch. 5

Learning Targets:
* The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand set off a chain of events that lead up to WWI.
*  The Schlieffen Plan is Germany's attempt to win the war quickly by creating a 2 front war with Russia in the east and France to the west.  Schlieffen plans to quickly invade France and take Paris by moving through Belgium.

1.  Notes from Chapter 23 - "The spark that lights the powder keg." - The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.  Also we'll discuss the Schlieffen Plan.
2.  Present Projects for the remainder of the period.  Students are taking notes and reflecting on each of the projects.

Homework due Monday
Quiz is Tuesday

Notes Chapter 23 Part I - World War I

Chapter 23 - World War I

Agenda: Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quote of the Day:  "Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."  - Buddha 

1.  10 minute video on "Path to War" in World War I.  Students will take notes & discuss.
2.  Prep for presenting projects.  Load digital projects, check off posters for completion.
3.  Present projects.
Students will take notes from each presentation.  They will write what they like/dislike about each.  After the last presentation on Friday we will write a reflection about the project.  This will be a daily grade.

Homework Ch. 23 is due on Monday, April 12
Quiz Ch. 23 is Tuesday, April 13

Mr. Duez passed out progress reports for students who are failing.  They need to be signed and returned in class tomorrow.

Agenda: Monday, April 5, 2010

Quote of the Day:  

Aidan on Easter, "This is awesome.Way better than Halloween. You get candy and don't have 2 walk to houses!" The mind of a 5 yr old.

Learning Targets:
*  Competition over trade and colonies led to the formation of two rival European alliances—the Triple Entente of Great Britain, France, and Russia; and the Triple Alliance, consisting of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.
* Repeated crises over Serbian claims on the Austro-Hungarian region of Bosnia revealed the dangers inherent in these alliances. Austria-Hungary, as well as numerous other European governments, confronted challenges from minorities that wished to establish their own national states. 
*  Strikes and violent actions by Socialist labor movements also threatened European governments. Many states responded with increasing militarism.
*  The assassination of the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary by a Bosnian Serb militant set off a chain of diplomatic and military decisions that led all of the great powers of Europe into World War I.

1.  Intro to WWI - Chapter 23 (pass out CH. 23 Targets)
2.  Notes on Chapter 23 - "Path to War"

Tomorrow the project product is due.  We will start presenting them after 10-15 minutes of notes on WWI.

World Leader Project - Product Reminder & Rubric

I have been getting a few emails and questions.  They both are usually from students who seem lost about just what to do for the World Leader Product.  This is kind of interesting to me.  It's due on Tuesday.  I introduced the project to you on February 2nd.  It's now April.

My guess is that this project is so open for creativity and that students have so many choices that some are paralyzed by that.  At least that sounds a lot better than saying students have been procrastinating.  :)

There have been many tremendously creative product ideas.  Some ideas have been - Facebook pages, MySpace, Posters, Videos, and even some are planning on conducting dramatic interviews or acting out a scene from the leader's life.  I can't wait to see them.

Here is a link to the rubric (on the second page is information about the product and presentation):

PRODUCT PROMPT:  Teach the class about the importance and impact of your leader.  You may do so with a 
  • power point
  • video
  • photo story
  • poster
  • or a dramatic presentation. 

(Name period and date on the product)
5 points

Write out the leader name and your thesis somewhere on or in the product.
5 points

Overall Success on Product
(You successfully depicted, taught, and led the class through a learning situation about your leader and it was displayed in your product.  The audience understands the leader’s importance, impact, and the characteristics that made them a great leader.)
10 points

World Leader Presentation Rubric 
(You successfully explained the importance and impact of your world leader.  The class can visually understand the life and character of the leader.  You attempted to ask questions and help the class understand the leader by using examples from your essay.)
30 points

Update on the DBQs, good and bad news

I am writing this to inform you that I have misplaced your DBQs and I will be unable to grade them.  After looking everywhere, Mrs. Duez informed me that this morning was recycling in our neighborhood.  She saw a stack of papers and thought that it was all to be recycled.  The recycling has already been taken and the DBQ tests are lost.  I am a mess about this.

The only fair thing to do is to give everyone a 100.  It is my fault that the tests were lost, not yours.  You should not have to pay a price and have to retake it.